USPS Operation Santa Underway to Help Children Have a Happy Christmas

Since September, children around the country have been writing letters to Santa through the U.S. Postal Service’s Operation Santa, listing their wishes for Christmas.

And today, Operation Santa Adopt a Letter opens for adults to make a child’s Christmas wish come true.

Carol Hunt is the Strategic Communications Specialist for the U.S. Postal Service.

Hunt said now is the time for people to go on their Operation Santa website and adopt a letter to fill a child’s wish for Christmas.

Once the letters are received from children they’re uploaded to the USPS Operation Santa Website where you can go to click on the Adopt a Letter button and scroll through to find a letter you would like to answer.

Then you go out and buy the toy or gift in the child’s letter to Santa, wrap it and take it to your local post office to ship.

Each letter comes with a return address so you know where to ship your gift.

The Postal Service recommends using one of their Priority Flat-rate boxes for your gift.

Hunt said the gifts are shipped on behalf of the North Pole, and together you and the Postal Service deliver a little holiday magic for a hopeful child.

Letters are accepted from everywhere in the country and can be adopted by anyone who has successfully registered.

The letters travel to Santa’s U.S. satellite workshop, where they are opened and reviewed, personal information is redacted, and the letters are uploaded to the website.

It’s not too late for a child to send a letter to Santa.

They have until December 11 drop that letter in the mailbox and send it to 123 Elf Road, North Pole 88888 and please make sure there’s a last name on the return address or it cannot be uploaded.