Georgia Department of Public Health COVID-19 Daily Status Report 04/06/20 – Noon

Stephens County now has eight confirmed cases of COVID-19. Madison County is reporting seven confirmed cases. Franklin County still has five confirmed cases and Hart and Banks counties have three confirmed cases respectively. COVID-19 Confirmed Cases: No. Cases (%) Total 7314 (100%) Hospitalized 1332(18.21%) Deaths 229 (3.13%) COVID-19 Confirmed Cases By County: No. Cases No. Deaths Fulton 1027 28 Dougherty […]

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Governor Issues Guidance on Points of Purchase Best Practices

Governor Brian P. Kemp joined the American Transaction Processors Coalition, Georgia Retail Association, and Georgia Food Industry Association Sunday in issuing guidance regarding the use of PIN numbers and other best practices at points of purchase as Georgia continues to fight the spread of COVID-19. Under Consumer Tips, Kemp advises using payment options such as Apple Pay or Tap and […]

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Georgia Parks, Golf Courses Still Open

In accordance with Governor Kemp’s executive order, Georgia State Parks remain open. In a press release Friday, the Georgia Dept of Natural Resources announced all but one of the State’s seven golf courses are open, including the one at Victoria Bryant State Park in Royston. However, the DNR encourages golfers to visit their local courses and use social distancing when […]

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