Two Senior Dogs Need Loving “Retirement” Homes

We always tell you about young or younger dogs and cats up for adoption at our local shelter and rescue groups. The sad fact is, however, there are many senior dogs and cats who also need a loving home.

This is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month and the Hart County Humane Society has two senior dogs still waiting for a loving home where they can live out their lives.




First, is a senior Boxer mix we told you about last week named Chloe who is in need of a guardian who will love and care for her. The sweet girl spent most of her life chained in one yard or another until finally rescued.

Age and a difficult life have taken their toll but thanks to the Hart County Humane Society, Chloe is healthy, loves people, and to play with her toys. Chloe would do best as the only pet in the house.

Little Guy

Chloe is between 10 and 12 yrs old and is currently at the Hart County Humane Society adoption center on Reed Creek Highway in Hartwell. Chloe has skin allergies but is on medication that has cleared most of it up. The Hart Co Humane Society will pay for that medication for the rest of her life.

Next is a little black and tan Miniature Pinscher named Little Guy who is also in need of a loving quiet home. Little Guy’s owner passed away last February and no one in the family was able to take him in.

Little Guy is also about 12 years old. He gets along with other dogs but does not like cats. He is trained to go on a wee-wee pad in the house but does walk on a leash.

He loves people but he doesn’t like being left alone for long hours so he needs someone who is home all day. Little Guy has a heart murmur but like Chloe, the Hart Co Humane Society will pay for his medication for the right home for the rest of his life.

Little Guy is a couch potato and likes nothing better than to sit on your lap and watch tv or just cuddle next to you. He would be perfect for a single retiree looking for an inside companion. He is quiet and gentle.

The Hart County Humane Society is not requiring an adoption fee for either Chloe or Little Guy.

Again, for an approved home for either Chloe or Little Guy, the Hart County Humane Society will continue to pay for all of their health needs.

If you would be able to give either one of these sweet senior citizen dogs a loving home where they can live out the rest of their lives, please contact the Hart County Humane Society at 706.376.1769 or 706.496.0965.