Two Counties to Consider Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions Tonight

Franklin and Hart County Boards of Commission will be considering tonight whether to pass a resolution making their respective counties Second Amendment Sanctuaries.

Earlier this month, Habersham County led the way becoming the first county in Georgia to pass such a resolution.

Since then, Stephens County has followed suit, passing a Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution at their meeting last week.

Franklin County Commissioner Ryan Swails brought the idea up on his Facebook page and it is expected to be on tonight’s work session agenda.

The resolution aims to prohibit or impede the enforcement of certain gun control measures perceived as a violation of the Second Amendment, the Right to Bear Arms.

Swails pointed to the State of Virginia where the Governor and Democrats are pushing for new gun controls.

“This is only for the Second Amendment. I want to clarify that. This isn’t a sanctuary for anything else beyond Second Amendment rights,” he said. “My hope is that we go with a sanctuary status. The Governor of Virginia and certain elected officials there are working towards removing citizens’ rights.”

So far, around 91% of the counties in Virginia have approved their own 2nd Amendment Sanctuary resolutions and Swails is encouraging Franklin County citizens to express their support of a similar resolution here.

Legislation either passed in the Virginia State Senate or up for consideration include requiring background checks on all firearm sales, limiting gun purchases to one in a 30-day period, allowing localities to ban guns from public events, banning indoor shooting ranges at offices where there are more than 50 employees.

That would include a shooting range at the NRA headquarters, which is located in northern Virginia.

Swails said if adopted, the Franklin County Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution will be a statement of support for the U.S. Constitution.

State Representative Alan Powell tells WLHR News he has no problem with any local jurisdiction proclaiming their support of the Second Amendment.

To date, 19 States have counties that have adopted Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions, including Texas, Illinois, Virginia, Alaska, New Mexico, Nebraska and Wyoming.