Second Community School System Prayer Set for 10:30a on School Facebook Page

Franklin County School Superintendent will hold another prayer service this morning live on the Franklin County Schools Facebook page.

This is the second live prayer service and Forrer said Thursday, he plans to continue doing them.

“We have decided we are going to do it every Friday at 10:30a until the crisis abates. We’re going to rotate in different people every time, just to basically come together as a community and fellowship and pray for the safety of our students and our community,” he explained.

Forrer said a time of prayer will be broadcast live every Friday morning at 10:30a on the Franklin County schools Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Franklin County students turned in their first week of assignments on Wednesday and School Superintendent Chris Forrer said so far, the system they’ve devised seems to be working.

“It’s going better. We had a great turnout Wednesday for our packets. That will take us through spring break and then we’re going to be moving more predominately towards the digital side after spring break. So our teachers are using this time to plan for that. It’s a very tumultuous time, but we’re going to keep doing the best we can to serve our kids,” he said.

Forrer said meals are still being distributed to students who need them but he said plans to deliver them via school bus routes fell through.

“Our original thought we would run the meals through using the bus routes. The problem is a lot of our bus drivers are in the high-risk category and are up in age. So, we’re not going to have the personnel to pull that off.”

Forrer noted that could change to one food distribution a week on Mondays.

WLHR News will pass any change in the food distribution system along as soon as we hear from the School system.