Operation Stop Traffick Rally Set for Saturday

They say it takes a village to raise a child but it also takes a village to save them.

That’s why two local women have launched a campaign to raise awareness and put a stop to child trafficking.

On Saturday, they plan to hold a rally called Operation Stop Traffick in downtown Lavonia at the Gazebo.

Co-organizer Andrea Jacksons says the problem of child trafficking is has weighed heavily on her and she wanted to do something locally.

At the Gazebo those attending will get information on the issue of child trafficking and will hear from guest speaker Haley Peacock with the Human Trafficking Division of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

She will give tips and pointers on how to tell if a child is in danger and what to do about it.

After her speech, Jackson said there will be a motorcade through the County at 2:45p.

Jackson said they’re asking people to decorate their vehicles for the parade, which will leave from the Gazebo, go through Royston and Carnesville and end back at the Gazebo.

T-shirts will be sold at the event and all proceeds from the sale and from a raffle they plan to hold will go to two non-profit groups in Georgia that deal with human trafficking, Georgia Cares and OUR, which stands for Operation Underground Railroad.

Again, the rally takes place Saturday from 11a to 3p at the Gazebo in downtown Lavonia.