Operation Click It or Ticket Underway Over Holiday Weekend

The Georgia State Patrol is joining with local law enforcement to warn motorists not to drink and drive this holiday period.

On Tuesday, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety officially launched its Operation Click It or Ticket campaign at the Cobb County Safety Village in Marietta with a live press conference.

Georgia State Patrol Trooper Lt. Maurice Raines is the Liaison Representative for the Georgia State Patrol in the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

In the press conference Tuesday, Lt. Raines said law enforcement has one goal this holiday weekend and that is to make sure everyone arrives at their destination safely by not drinking and driving.

“One thing you can do to help us all is to buckle up and if you’re late don’t speed,” he said. “And drinking and driving is an option. You don’t have to drink and drive, it’s a choice. And we’re asking you to choose today not to drink and drive over the holiday period. If you do, understand we will be out to enforce the law and if you take that chance chances are you’re going to get caught and definitely go to jail.”

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety is partnering with AAA and Triple-A of Georgia to ensure motorists are safe on state roadways.

Public Affairs Director for AAA Garrett Townsend said 1.6 million Georgians are hitting the road beginning today.

Townsend said it’s important to focus on the task of driving this holiday weekend.

“There is nothing more important than spending time with family and friends and there’s nothing that can change that more than distracted driving or impaired driving. Those are things that are really going to ruin your holiday. So, focus on the task of driving,” he said.

Townsend said AAA will be offering its Tow to Go program free of charge to any one who is impaired and should not get behind the wheel.