Lavonia Moving Forward with Plans to Expand Water Lines in Gumlog Subdivisions

The City of Lavonia is moving forward with plans to install larger water lines in at least one subdivision in the Gumlog community.

Currently, Residents in the Brittany Harbor subdivision off Tugaloo State Park Road have indicated to City Manager Charles Cawthon they are willing to pay extra a month to replace the current two-inch water lines with six-inch lines.

Back in March, the City of Lavonia held an open informational meeting for residents of the Brittany Harbor subdivisions.

There are five Brittany Harbor subdivisions that were all put in in the late 1960s, early 1970s shortly after the Corps of Engineers created the Lake Hartwell reservoir.

According to Cawthon, originally residents in those subdivisions shared large water wells but later, 2 and 3-inch city water lines were installed.

Those lines are now well over 40 years old and they’re failing – unable to support the number of users that are tapped on.

And there’s another problem. Most of those subdivisions don’t have fire hydrants within 1,000 feet of the homes.

Cawthon said this week, a larger water line would allow for fire hydrants in the subdivisions which would lower the homeowner’s insurance rates.

Cawthon said the City cannot afford to pay for installing larger water lines and would take out a GEFA loan.

That loan, Cawthon said that would be paid back with the help of the water customers who would pay $20-$25 extra on their water bill every month until the loan was paid off. He said most residents in Brittany Harbor were willing to pay the extra amount if it meant getting fire hydrants in the subdivision and lowering their insurance premiums.

Cawthon said the hope is the City will be able to replicate the plan in other areas where needed.