Group Prepares to Give Ladies a Night of Their Own

For many women, life is a stressful series of work, childcare, housework, job, errands with little time for themselves.

But coming up later this month, women from all walks of life will have an opportunity to come together for a special evening just for them.

It’s called simply, Ladies Night, and it’s coming up October 26 beginning at 6:30p at the Swails Center in Franklin Springs.

Tina Hart is a counselor at Franklin County Middle School and also works at Wellspring Counseling Center in Franklin Springs.

Hart says the idea for the evening is to give women hope and realize there’s a purpose in their pain.

“When all of us ladies get together in one room, there’s a totally different dynamic,” Hart said. “This night is geared toward ladies who maybe have struggled with having been wounded in some way; whether it’s just life, divorce or some kind of abuse. It’s a message that’s geared towards them for hope, healing, and restoration.”

Hart said the idea for the Ladies Night came from Clinical Director and Therapist at Wellspring Liz Gilchrest, who will offer women a message of purpose and steps on how to move forward.

“She’s going to speak on some experiences she has had that are prevalent among women,” she said. “But one of the main things she will speak on is that there is a purpose for our pain. It’s not that we have pain and we’re just left in this one particular spot the rest of our lives.”

In addition to the presentation by Gilchrest there will also be times of fellowship, food, and other activities.

Hart said Ladies Night is for all women of all ages, races, Christian and non-Christian, married or single.

Childcare will be provided, but you need to call and make a reservation by calling: 706-567-8829.

Again, Ladies Night takes place October 26 beginning at 6:30p at the Swails Center in Franklin Springs and is free.

You can hear more about Ladies Night Sunday on Community Forum, which airs at 12;05p right after ABC News.