Editorial: Lavonia Police Chief Backing District Attorney Parks White

The following is an editorial by Lavonia Police Chief Bruce Carlisle: 

Bruce CarlisleAs we enter into this election cycle, I would ask that you join me as I publicly endorse Parks White for re-election to the post of District Attorney for the Northern Judicial Circuit of Georgia.

During his first term, Parks has made major accomplishments in the District Attorney’s Office while aggressively prosecuting violators who choose to prey on innocent victims. Parks, as well as all of his assistants, maintain a much higher than average caseload which requires extreme dedication to the office.

It is unreasonable to believe that there are none who are unworthy of consideration in terms of recommended sentences for criminal behavior. Many criminals successfully complete probated sentences and go on to become productive members of society, but many others choose a life of crime. Those recidivists are dealt with harshly by our District Attorney to ensure that their predatory behavior can no longer impact innocent citizens.

Parks has worked diligently to introduce 21st century technology into the office which aides in streamlining the process to ensure that each and every case is prepared with utmost proficiency. With the quantity of cases processed by the District Attorney’s Office, it is vital to have a progressive minded leader as Parks has proven to be.

Cooperation with law enforcement agencies within the circuit is crucial. The Lavonia Police Department has partnered with Parks in the cross training of our investigator at the District Attorney’s Office. This training has proven to be a major step in not only case preparation, but case presentation as well.

Parks has provided training for all law enforcement within the circuit on legal updates, policies and procedure, legislative matters, court room presentation, etc. In addition, he has provided training for the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police and the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety at events sponsored by the Lavonia Police Department.

Again, I encourage each of you to spread the word that Parks White is the only choice for the office of District Attorney for the Northern Judicial Circuit of Georgia. Most importantly, exercise your right to vote, and I ask that you vote for Parks White.


Chief Bruce Carlisle
Lavonia Police Department