9th District Opportunity to Accept Cooling Assistance Applications in April

Help paying summer cooling bills is coming for low-income households in April. 

Brenda Dalin, Program Director for Ninth District Opportunity, Inc.  Tells WLHR News that  beginning April 3, households in which every member is age 65 and older -OR- is medically homebound due to health reasons may apply for assistance with their summer cooling bills.

One-time payments will be made by check issued to the home energy suppliers up to $500.00. 

Funds are administered through local Community Action Agencies on a first-come, first-served basis until all funds have been expended.

To qualify, a family’s income must be less than or equal to 60 percent of the median income for a Georgia family.

That means for a household of one, the income threshold is $26,474; the income threshold for a household of five is $59,057.

If you need help paying your cooling bill this summer you can contact Ninth District Opportunity in Gainesville to make an appointment beginning April 3.

The number to call to make an appointment is 855-636-3108.

You can also go online to https://ndo.appointment.works/ea/home.

When applying for assistance, applicants must present verification of age for everyone in the home, verification of all household income received within the past 30 days, such as check stubs, public assistance checks, unemployment checks, etc.; verification of Social Security numbers for everyone in the home, verification of citizenship, such as a driver’s license, or state ID; and the most recent electric bill AND heating bill.

You must bring all documentation with you.  Ninth District can no longer obtain that information for you.

Again, the number to call to make an appointment is toll-free 855-636-3108.