Kemp to Sign Constitutional Carry Act into Law Tuesday

Governor Brian Kemp will be at a gun shop in Douglasville Tuesday to sign Senate Bill 319, the Constitutional Carry Act, into law.

The, given final approval by the State Senate late last month, allows Georgians to carry a concealed handgun without a license.

Under the new law, only those who are legally allowed to carry a gun could carry a concealed handgun.

Additionally, guns would not be allowed in certain secured areas including airports and any other building with a secured entrance such as a government building.

Supporters of the bill cite the Second Amendment and a citizen’s right to bear arms.

Those opposed say it will cause more bloodshed.

However, people with prior drug convictions, convicted felons, or those facing felony charges will still not be allowed to carry or possess a gun of any kind.

That also includes those who have been treated for mental health issues or substance abuse issues within the last five years.

Kemp plans to the Georgia Constitutional Carry Act into law Tuesday afternoon at Gable’s Sporting Goods, 6250 Fairburn Road, Douglasville.