WorkSource Georgia Hiring Temp Workers to Help at COVID Vaccination Sites

WorkSource Georgia Mountains is continuing its effort to help those impacted by the pandemic find temporary work.

WorkSource Georgia is funded by the National Dislocated Worker Grant a federal grant designed to help people who lost their jobs or were temporarily laid off due to the pandemic find temporary jobs.

Nikki McPherson is the On-the-Job Training Coordinator with WorkSource Georgia Mountains.

McPherson said by filling the positions with Dislocated Workers, the community will benefit as these temporary workers enhance their employability and earnings, leading them back into full-time employment or further job training.

Right now, they are looking for people to help at District Two Public Health COVID vaccination clinics.

“We are assisting the Department of Public Health District 2 in filling positions at the vaccination sites within all of the 13-counties,” she said. “They need people to be door greeters, to help streamline people coming in to be vaccinated, help them fill out forms, people to help dispense vaccine to the vaccinators, just different kinds of non-clinical help that we’re trying to fill for them,” she said.

McPherson said these are not volunteer jobs but are good-paying temporary jobs.

“It’s part-time or full-time, depending on the job and vaccination site, and the individual. It’s $14/hr. That can be up to 20 weeks which is about a five-month period. That’s a pretty substantial wage and to help give back to the community and help us get back to normal,” she explained.

Anyone interested can contact the WorkSource Georgia office in Gainesville at 770-538-4043.