Tyson recalls “rubber” chicken nuggets

Most of us have seen a rubber chicken. I actually own one and that probably surprises no one listening. Of course, no one wants to find rubber in their chicken nuggets, and that’s exactly what could happen if you have recently purchased Tyson White Meat Panko chicken nuggets.

Over 18 tons of the nuggets are being called back after consumer complaints led to the discovery of rubber pieces within some of the nuggets.

According to a USDA press release, the nuggets were shipped to retail locations nationwide, meaning anywhere Tyson sells their products may have the rubber-filled nuggets.

We have placed a photo of the front and back of the packaging on our website.

Key identifying marks to look for on 5-pound packages include a “BEST IF USED BY” date of November 26, 2019, a case code “3308SDL03,” and timestamps ranging from 23:00 through 01:59.

So far, nobody has reported any adverse reactions or injuries related to the nuggets. If you do have one of the recalled bags, however, you should either discard it or return it to where you bought it.