Trial of Accused Toccoa Terrorists Continues in Gainesville

Testimony continues today in the federal trial of two Toccoa men charged with plotting to attach federal government buildings and politicians in Atlanta and Washington, DC.
Samuel Crump and Ray Adams are charged with attempting to manufacture the deadly toxin ricin, which authorities say they planned to spread into the air in Atlanta.
Prosecutors claim the men not only talked about attacking federal buildings and cities, but also possessed thousands of castor beans, the main ingredient used to make ricin.
They also claim investigators found identical recipes for making ricin, and tools used in the ricin extraction process at both men’s homes.
In addition, authorities say Crump had shelled some of the castor beans and that 100 jars were found on Adams’ property that had tested positive for ricin.
The pair were part of a fringe militia group and were arrested in November 2011, along with Dan Roberts of Toccoa and Frederick Thomas of Cleveland after a lengthy undercover investigation by the FBI.
Roberts and Thomas each pleaded guilty to one count of conspiring to obtain an unregistered explosive device and silencer in April 2012 in connection with the case and were sentenced to five years in federal prison in August 2012.
The trial is expected to take at least another week before it goes to the jury.