Toccoa Police Chief Creates New Leadership/Management Team, Makes Other Dept Changes

By Ethan Jordan, WNEG Radio, Toccoa

In Toccoa, several Toccoa Police Officers are now part of a new Police Leadership/Management Team.

Toccoa Police Chief Jimmy Mize organized a ceremony earlier this week to announce the team’s formation.

Mize said the team will meet regularly to discuss plans and strategies to address operational issues and community concerns.

The new team will include the Heads of the Detective Division and the Patrol Division.

Lieutenant Eddie Neal currently serves as the Head of the Detective Division, and Lieutenant Charlie Littleton currently serves as the Head of the Patrol Division, both were promoted this week to Captain.

In addition to the Captain’s promotion, Mize promoted Sergeant David Sims to Lieutenant over the Patrol Division.

Mize then brought up Corporal Tim Morgan, Corporal Mitchell Pharris, and Detective Corporal Denver Gunn who have all been promoted to the rank of Sergeant.

Morgan will lead over C-Shift and Pharris will lead over A-Shift.

Gunn will head up the Detectives Division.

Mize also announced a new position within the Detective division called “Uniform Detective,” and he has placed Corporal Kristi McKnight in that new job.

Additionally, Mize announced that three other officers will now be Officers-In-Charge for their respective shifts and divisions.

Mize says these achievements were well deserved due to the officers’ dedication to the police department and the community.