Shoplifter arrested at Hartwell Walmart after attempting to take $500 in merchandise

A shoplifter at Walmart in Hartwell was arrested after attempting to leave the store with almost $500 in merchandise and also assaulted a loss prevention officer in the process.

According to a report by the Hartwell Police Department, Officer Matt Sparrow was responding to a call at Walmart, located at 4172 Anderson Highway, when he was informed the perpetrator had fled the scene in a red flatbed Ford Ranger.

Sparrow spotted the vehicle as he was approaching the location and he initiated a traffic stop on the truck. The vehicle stopped in Zaxby’s parking lot. At this time three other officers arrived to assist with the incident.

Sparrow took the subject driving the truck back to Walmart for positive identification. The lost prevention officer did identify the subject, 21-year-old Tiffany Ellenanina Gerow of an Anderson Road address in Greenville, South Carolina, as the suspected shoplifter.

After being caught shoplifting, the loss prevention officer was escorting Gerow out of the store and told her not to return. At this point Gerow turned and attempted to go back inside the store, but the loss prevention officer blocked her. The loss prevention officer continued to block Gerow, using her arms to keep some distance between the two.

According to the report, Gerow then threw an open hand, striking the face of the loss prevention officer.

The loss prevention officer then “assisted the suspect to the ground to prevent the situation from escalating.

Gerow was then allowed to get back up, and headed toward the truck to leave, but was stopped by Sparrow.

She was placed under arrest and charged with theft by shoplifting and misdemeanor simple assault.

The value of the merchandise Gerow attempted to take, which included clothing, consumer goods and other items, was $493.18.