Second Case of Rabies Confirmed in Elbert County This Year

By David Stephens, WSGC Radio, Elberton

Another case of rabies has been officially confirmed in Elbert County recently.

The most recent incident occurred on March 22nd in the Nickville Road/Dewy Rose area, which makes this the second reported incident where rabies was confirmed in Elbert County.

“Around 2:00pm in the afternoon a rabid skunk was chasing these peoples’ dogs around, and actually came up on their porch”, said Elbert County Animal Control Officer Jeffery Simpson. “It was put down, and we sent it off, and it came back positive for rabies.”

There have been two more cases similar to this one, but rabies tests were not needed so the official count of confirmed cases still holds strong at two so far in 2013.

Simpson says that it is vitally important that all pets be vaccinated for the rabies virus as soon as possible.

“We’re asking that everyone please get your pets vaccinated immediately, because as you can see it’s on either end of the county now that we have had positive rabies tests”, said Simpson.

To report any incident of bites or unusual wild animal activity, contact the Elbert County Animal Control Office at (706) 283-5054.