Scam Caller Impersonating Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy

Franklin County Sheriff Steve Thomas is warning citizens about a scam artist who is passing himself off as a Sheriff’s deputy.

Thomas says the scammer is very convincing.

“The scammer tells the person he is a Franklin County Sheriff’s deputy and the victim has missed a court date and there’s a warrant for their arrest. He even gives the address of the Franklin County Sheriff’s office and a case number. He tells the victim they can settle the case by paying a fine over the phone,” he said. “He will also tell you if you don’t take of it by 5p, a deputy will be at your house to arrest you.”

The scammer will even go so far as to tell you if you take any medication to bring enough for 72 hours until you go before a judge.  But it’s all one big lie to get your money.

“This is all a scam. Do not fall for this. I had another call last night from someone in the County who received the same call,” Thomas said. “The number that will come up is 706-381-0332. This number is in Rome, Georgia. I’ve talked to the Sheriff in Floyd County and my investigators are working to find this man and make an arrest.’

Thomas said he called that number and a man answered, but when he told the scammer who he was the man hung up.

If you receive a call from anyone who says they’re a sheriff’s deputy and you missed a court date and owe money, don’t believe it.

Just hang up and report it to the Franklin County Sheriff’s office by calling 911.