Royston to Conduct Environmental Study on Hospital Campus

By Mark Berryman

After acquiring the former Ty Cobb Memorial Hospital campus in January, many have wondered what would become of the property. The answer got one step closer after Tuesday night’s meeting of the mayor and council.

A closed-door session for the purpose of real estate ended with a motion to conduct an environmental study on the hospital facility.

After returning to open session, Councilman Keith Turman made the motion.

“I make a motion to proceed with an environmental analysis of the property formerly known as Ty Cobb Healthcare System,” said Turman.

“I second that motion,” said Councilman Larry Bowen.

“We have a motion and a second, all in favor say ‘I.’ Any opposed? None apposed, the motion carries,” said Jordan.

City Manager Ed Andrews said the study was the next logical step in deciding what direction the city could go with the property.

“We’re moving forward with finding someone to come in and do an environmental inspection of the old hospital to be sure we get a good account as to what’s environmentally in the hospital,” said Edwards.

Edwards said the environmental inspection will help aleviate some concerns about the property.

“I think that was the biggest concerns with some of the people that were looking at investing in the property there, so we are moving forward with that and should have some results in about 15-20 days. So, I think we’re pretty much satisfied with what we’re doing right now,” said Edwards.

The property has been vacant for eight years now but until January was owned by Ty Cobb Healthcare.