Royston to renew water contract with Franklin Springs

The city of Royston will continue selling water to Franklin Springs, according to Royston City Manager Ed Andrews.

Andrews told the mayor and council the two cities have reached an agreement to allow Royston to continue providing water to the neighboring city. Mayor David Jordan asked if there had been any issues with the agreement

No issues at all, Mayor. It’s been a good investment for the city. I know that back in 2012 the city of Royston entered into an agreement with Franklin Springs. At some point in time, prior to me coming on board, there was a lot of communication lost between that and we lost some water sales out of that. By me looking at the aspect of our water sales, and also Franklin Springs’ need to be able to work within a budget they can work within we have looked at it and in the past year we have begun selling them water again,”said Andrews.

Andrews said the new contract will be better for Royston because it allows some flexibility for any rise in costs to the city during the contract.

It’s been a good investment over the past twelve months. Mayor Moore, he understands what we need to do to put an agreement back together. The terms are more flexible than what we had before, which will allow us to account for any rate increases or cost increases that we may incur on our side that can be passed on,” said Andrews.

Andrews then compared the new contract with the previous one, stating this one better looks out for Royston’s best interest by allowing rate increases during the contract.

It is a two-year agreement. The last agreement was five years, which kind of bound us to stay where we were. The way things are with fluctuating costs and prices, we need to be flexible enough so that we can revisit this annually and within a 24-month period as well, so that if we do have increases, we can catch them before they get too far along,” said Andrews.

City Attorney Andrea Grant was given a copy of the contract to look over. Mayor David Jordan then said the document wasn’t quite ready for approval. Instead, the agreement will now go to Franklin Springs for aapproval.

We’re not looking to vote on this tonight. What we’re going to do is take this and present it to Franklin Springs. They may want to negotiate or make some changes, so it will go into negotiation and after we come to some kind of agreement we’ll come back and vote on it,” said Jordan.

It is possible council members could vote on the contract in August.