RenFest 2021 A Success, Say Organizers

Organizers say this year’s second annual Renaissance Festival was a hit.

Now they want to get some feedback from volunteers, vendors, and visitors that participated in RenFest to let them know about what they liked and did not like.

They also want to hear about any suggestions or improvements they could make for next year.

RenFest 2021 was held in Lavonia City Park behind City Hall this past Saturday.

Barbara Busby with the Lavonia Welcome Center said they estimated between 3500 – 4,000 visitors attended.

This year’s theme was Camelot and she said it was a success.

“It was. We had as many people as we did in 2019. We’re getting good feedback from vendors that they sold a lot of merchandise and food. However, we still want to hear from anybody that attended. If they think there could be some improvements we do want to hear from them,” she said.

Busby noted parking this year was again a problem. Parking was to have been located at the Moose Lodge nearby but one volunteer WLHR News spoke with said most people parked at the American Legion parking lot instead.

Another issue, according to Busby was food.

Of the four food vendors at RenFest this year, all four ran out food by the end of the day.

Food, however, was also available at the Moose Lodge.

This year, certain food vendors were required to apply for a permit with the Franklin County Health Department if they were not selling pre-packaged goods.

To leave a comment for Busby or Lavonia Downtown Development Authority Director Vivian Young you can call 706-356-5725 or 706-356-1926.