NAACP History Unites Us parade rescheduled for Feb. 24

The annual NAACP History Unites Us parade was originally scheduled for this Sunday but organizers have decided to postpone the parade until next week due to the possibility of inclement weather.

The parade will now be held on Feb. 24 at 3 p.m. with line-up starting at 2 p.m.

Joel Gaines said this parade is for everyone.

Welcome, welcome, welcome. This is Joel Gaines of the NAACP banquet. We had the parade scheduled for Sunday on account of the weather we rescheduled it for next weekend. We recognize all people. It’s not a black parade. It’s a parade for everybody. Anybody has a chance to be in it. We can have black or white. We’re all in this together lifting up the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and that’s what it’s all about. It’s a Christian thing to recognize some people and let people know we are still here and we can work with anybody and that’s what God wants us to do,” said Gaines.

The parade will have a similar route as the annual Christmas parade, but will differ slightly at the end.

It’s going to start at the old Bell’s Shopping Center and go down in front of the post office and go down to Richardson Street, turn left at Richardson Street and wind up at the Hart County Head Start program. That’s where it’s going to stop at,” said Gaines.

The entry fee is $15.

For more information call Joel Gaines at 706-376-5785 or Rev. Lonnie Richardson at 706-376-1584.