Mt. Olivet Mission Team to return home on Thursday

Three days after the group was scheduled to fly home, WLHR News continues to follow the story involving the mission team from Mt. Olivet Baptist Church stranded in Haiti amid civil unrest over a sudden spike in gas prices.

According to multiple posts from family members of those in Haiti, the mission team now has reservations to fly home on Thursday. There are no details of exactly what time the flight is scheduled for, but the families are ecstatic their loved ones will soon be home.

The team was still not permitted to travel to Port Au Prince on Tuesday, the location of the airport, but were able to get out of the Mission Camp Headquarters compound and visit an orphanage. There the team continued to “love on the kids” and teach a Bible story while they were there.

Pastor Jason Webb, who is on the trip with 21 other members of the church, said they were making the most of their extended stay.

The unrest started after gas prices jumped from $4.50 per gallon to over $7 per gallon. Haitians, angry with the sudden spike in the price of gas, started fires, set up roadblocks and vandalized businesses. At least three people are reported dead due to the riots.

The Serepta Baptist Association has set up a prayer service for Thursday on the square in Hartwell. The service will begin at 8 p.m. and anyone who wishes to attend and pray for the mission team as well as the people of Haiti are welcome.