Lavonia Waives Fee for Paying Water Bill Online

The City of Lavonia has waived the extra charge for customers who make their water payments online.

At the City Council meeting this month, City Manager Charles Cawthon not having to pay the extra fee online has benefits for both the customer and the City.

“It’s going to be a convenience factor for the customer and with things going on like they are it would be one less reason they would have to come in here,” he said. “I think it’s a great trade-off.”

In other business, the City Council is considering to re-opening City-owned properties. The problem has been how to clean and sanitize facilities after each use by the public.

Mayor Courtney Umbehant suggested anyone who rents a city-owned venue should pay a $50 cleaning fee. That $50 cleaning would not be refundable, according to the Mayor.

Councilman Andrew Murphy asked how the Spring St. gym could be cleaned after use and after some discussion, the Council decided to discuss that and the issue of re-opening other properties at their next work session.