Lavonia to Install More Security Cameras on City-Owned Properties

The Lavonia City Council has approved a plan to install security cameras at five locations around town that are on city-owned properties.

At their meeting this week, City Mayor Courtney Umbehant outlined five locations where the cameras would go.

“This will be for the City shop, the Library, the downtown area, the Spring St. Gym, and the Community Center,” he said.

City Manager Charles Cawthon noted the addition of more security cameras around the City is an expansion of the added security cameras in and around the hotels at the Interstate.

Last fall, the City installed security cameras around the Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn Express hotels after police reported repeated break-ins to vehicles.

The total cost for the new cameras, Cawthon said will be $9,350.

In other business Monday night, Mayor Umbehant said as the City continues its study into whether provide Internet service to citizens as an additional utility, he has been hearing from the two main providers, TruVista and Windstream.

“We don’t know whether we will be an Internet business or where this study will take us,” he said. “Whatever is best for the citizens is what we will do.”

Last month, Cawthon said the City had found a company to do an internet feasibility study, called Iron Grid Networks out of Commerce, GA.

Mayor Umbehant said it would be a three-month study and the results should be available later this year.