Lavonia Foods to close

This week, as customers entered Lavonia Foods grocery store located in the Silo Shopping Center, they were greeted with a note on the door stating the store would be closing in the near future.

WLHR News talked with store manager Sarah Kendell about the announcement.

Kendell said the store had the same owner as Dill’s and with the remodel, it seemed like a good time to consolidate. Kendell also said the shopping center is not owned by the chain and the company paid rent on the property, so the move made sense.

While the loss of any business is not necessarily good news, there is good news for those employed at Lavonia Foods. All of the employees have been guaranteed jobs with other stores, with a majority simply moving across town to Dill’s.

Kendell was not sure exactly when the store would close its doors for good, but did say she expected it to be some time in the first half of October. Kendell said she would notify WLHR once that decision was made.