IBA funding gets 5-0 vote from Franklin County Commissioners

For the second year in a row, Franklin County Commissioners voted to approve .25 mills for funding of the Industrial Building Authority (IBA) after tabling the motion at last week’s work session and called meeting.

At that meeting, some commissioners voiced concerns over the director’s work schedule and the work being done by the authority.

Commissioner Jeff Jacques raised questions about IBA Director Frank Ginn’s commitment to the job and Commissioner Robert Franklin stated he didn’t know of anything the authority had done.

Commissioner Eddie Wester had made a motion at that meeting to fund the IBA by continuing the .25 mill levy and both Jason Macomson and County Manager Beth Thomas urged commissioners to vote for the measure. Wester’s motion, however, did not receive a second and the issue was tabled until this week’s regular meeting.

At Monday’s regular meeting Commissioner Macomson made a motion to continue the .25 mills and Commissioner Wester seconded that motion. When asked for comments, Commissioner Jacques spoke up.

I just want to say after some very hearty discussion in regard to the millage levy, there were some concerns that were addressed and put forth to IBA members. I want to say based on responses and assurances I received, I 100 percent support the continuation of the quarter-mill levy and want it to be on the record to that extent in relation to my previous comments. Period” said Jacques.

Once Jacques finished his remarks, a vote was taken and the motion passed with a unanimous vote.