Hatchett Submits Bill to Ban Critical Race Theory in Georgia Schools

State Senator Bo Hatchett has introduced legislation that, if passed, would ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory in Georgia.

On Wednesday, Hatchett filed Senate Bill 377 intended to prohibit local boards of education, the University System of Georgian, the Technical College System of Georgia, and the Georgia’s state agencies from teaching or promoting certain divisive concepts.

The bill calls Critical Race Theory a divisive concept which includes curricula that promotes the concept that the United States is inherently racist, that one race or ethnicity is inherently superior to another, or that an individual’s moral character is determined by their skin color or ethnicity.

According to a report on Bloomberg.com Hatchett said Critical Race Theory has stoked an intense debate around the country and here in Georgia.

He said that in order to have honest dialogue, we have to define the terms of the discussion and stop divisive concepts from being taught in Georgia Colleges and Universities that would seep down into K-12 schools.

Hatchett said scapegoating and stereotyping are not acceptable teaching methods.

Senate Bill 377 also calls for the establishment of a complaint resolution policy for local school systems, USG and TCSG to address any violations of the provisions under the bill.

Georgia is one of a number of states debating whether to ban Critical race theory (CRT) in the classroom.

According to opponents, like Hatchett, CRT rewrites American history to view whites as racists while supporters say it is a way of understanding how American racism has shaped public policy.