Hartwell to put a stop to blowing yard trimmings into streets

The City of Hartwell will be getting a little tougher on lawn contractors as well as residents concerning grass clippings.

According to Mayor Brandon Johnson, the issue has come up in the past and the city is now taking steps to “encourage” the public to avoid blowing trimmings into the city streets.

This came about, the discussion concerning grass clippings, for years we’ve had people blowing them into the streets. Not only does it look bad but it clogs the drains and it’s also very dangerous when they become wet, particularly at stop signs and curves. John (Herschell) looked at some different options that we had and came up with some language that would allow us to enforce the penalty,” said Johnson.

The mayor then asked Herschell, who is the assistant city manager, to explain the new ordinance.

We made a few adjustments to the new ordinance. We adjusted the fine for landscapers to be no less than $100 and we also added some language in there stating landscapers and tree contractors, they’re going to be responsible for the yard waste that they create,” said Herschell.

According to Herschell, the fine for residents who violate the ordinance will be $25.

The city will be providing notice to residents prior to enforcing the new ordinance.