Hartwell Elementary recognized as a Greatest Gains school

Hart County Charter School System Superintendent Jay Floyd announced that Hartwell Elementary School has been named a Greatest Gains school for the second year.

The award was developed by the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement and approved by the State Board of Education and is a part of Georgia’s Single Statewide Accountability System (SSAS).

Greatest Gains schools must have a three-year average CCRPI score that ranks in at least the 93rd percentile. The award has a platinum, gold, silver and bronze tier. Congratulations to Hartwell Elementary School for receiving the Silver Tier award,” said Floyd.

Hartwell Elementary earned the Bronze award last year.

Floyd then called on Principal Sonia Cobb to come forward and introduce the staff members from Hartwell Elementary who were present. Cobb said the credit did not go to her, but to the teachers and staff.

First of all,congratulations to the school like Mr. Floyd said. That’s a high honor. There’s no way I could accept this because you are the ones in the classroom teaching and we really do appreciate the hard work you go through. Mr. Floyd, I just want to go on record, last year was bronze, this year was silver and this year we have made it our goal to earn Gold or Platinum,” said Cobb.

Floyd then had the Hartwell Elementary group pose with him for a photo.