Hartwell council approves rezone request for The Storage Box

The Hartwell City Council approved a rezone request at last week’s meeting that will allow a local businessman to expand his current business.

Mayor Brandon Johnson said it is always good to see a business grow, and gave the details of the proposal.

February 20, 2019, Mr. Jeff Duncan, owner of The Storage Box, went to the Planning and Zoning Commission and requested the rezoning of 6.36 acres, which he is adding to a .30 acre lot at the intersection of Howell and Bailey. The request is for the new parcel, which is zoned M2, to be rezoned B2 to match the other portion where the existing Storage Box is located. That will give him a total of 1.466 acres of B2 zoning for an expansion of his existing storage into climate control units,” said Johnson.

Johnson said the planning and zoning commissioner did approve the request and forwarded the application to council members.

That was approved. We did have one citizen issue or question, and they did approve it to city council. This is at the old rec department. Am I correct? It’s at the old recreation department, so we all know exactly where we are talking about,” said Johnson.

Councilman Tray Hicks then spoke up in favor of the rezone.

One of the reasons I am all for this is I live across the field and they have done a phenomenal job. The storage building is always clean. It’s always well lit. It’s very, very well taken care of and I’m very proud of everything they’ve done down there,” said Hicks.

Hicks then made the motion to approve the request. A second followed and the vote was unanimous to approve the rezone.