Hart County BOE releases tentative budget for 2019

Board members discussed the budget proposed for 2019 at this past Monday night’s meeting of the Hart County Board of Education. The budget was tentatively adopted at that meeting.

According to figures released at the meeting, Hart County expects to receive $13,439,347 from local sources, $18,725,117 from state sources and $50,104 from federal sources for a total of $32,214,568.

If those numbers hold true, that would be a loss of revenue of just $394,548, or 1.24 percent from the 2018 budget.

On the expenditures side, the school system is expected to spend $32,354,267 in 2019 as compared to $32,866, 354. Those numbers would represent a decrease in spending of $512,087, or 1.56 percent.

Board members did not discuss how this budget would affect the millage rate, but with both both spending and receipts coming in less than 2 percent from last year, a change is likely to be minimal at all.

Since the budget was tentatively adopted by the board, the budget will now be advertised to the public. Once the budget has been advertised, board members will then make revisions as needed, either at the next regular meeting or at a called meeting if needed.

The board is expected to adopt the budget on June 11 during the regular meeting and then approve the tax anticipation notice.

Once the tax digest is presented by the Hart County Tax Assessors Office in the fall, the budget could be revised once more.