Hart Chamber looking for input on county ordinances

In October 2018 the Hart County Board of Commissioners began discussions to update and potentially modify some of the county’s ordinances. The Hart County Chamber of Commerce has been actively discussing this topic with chamber members as well as members of the community so that proposed revisions can be submitted to the Hart County BOC with adequate time for their consideration. 

Some of the ordinances that have been suggested for consideration are:

  • County Alcohol Ordinances – clarify and update language
  • Outdoor alcohol use ordinances
  • Special event use ordinances
  • Revisions to fines and procedures concerning underage sales
  • Land development for subdivisions and multi-family housing
  • Ordinances that support and attract subdivision development and multi-family housing development to sustain industrial and economic growth in Hart County.
  • Land development for commercial use
  • Ordinances that support and attract commercial development in the county which may potentially revitalize commercial development near I-85.
  • Code Enforcement

The chamber is asking all of its members and businesses to weigh in on this matter by submitting letters of recommendation and proposed revisions to the Hart County Chamber of Commerce, which we will submit to the Hart County BOC during ordinance discussions.

Hart County’s current ordinances can be found at https://library.municode.com

We are specifically seeking to know what land developers and current and/or potential business owners need in order to professionally and competitively succeed in today’s market and economy.

This is a very time sensitive matter, so the chamber is asking for your participation in this as soon as possible. Submissions may be made by emailing our offices at [email protected] or mailing them to PO Box 793, Hartwell, GA 30643.