Hart BOE approves state’s pay raises for certified and classified staff

The Hart County Board of Education voted unanimously to implement the state’s $3,000 pay raise for certified teachers and 2 percent pay raise for classified staff at this week’s meeting.

According to Superintendent Jay Floyd, as a charter school, Hart County was not required to adopt the pay raise. He also said the state would be paying a large portion of the cost of the raise.

Two things we have to do. The board has to recommend and approve the $3,000 raise for certified staff. It’s not something the local district has to do, but the governor has approved it and the Senate has gotten on it and increased it and approved it. You do need to approve it as a board for certified staff,” said Floyd.

Floyd then talked about the second aspect, that being a two percent raise for classified staff members.

It is recommended the board approve a two percent raise for all classified staff. During the last legislative session, the Senate approved a two percent raise for nutrition and transportation, so we’re going to take it on the chin a little bit to give our administrative staff, para-pros, everybody the raise,” said Floyd.

Floyd then talks about the numbers for both groups of employees. Floyd said the two percent pay raise for those not covered by the state’s raise would come to about $84,000. The school system will also incur other expenses as a result of the raise.

It’s a million dollars for the three percent raise. We’ll get a majority of that back, but the part that we don’t get is retirement. Is benefits. We’re not going to get the benefits part of that $3,000. We have to pay that, and that’s why you see some districts neighboring us that are struggling because it’s an additional cost on their budget unless you have prepared and figured out a way you’re going to handle it,” said Floyd.

A motion was made and approved unanimously for both raises.