Hart BOC Says “No” to Hartwell’s Latest Proposed Annexation Agreement

Hart County Commissioners have rejected Hartwell’s latest annexation proposal.

Hartwell wants to annex the Hartwell Lakeside Resort, formerly Hart State Park, into the City which would give the City full authority to run the park as well as provide city services.

However, that requires an intergovernmental agreement with the County, which the County submitted to the City in early June for their approval.

Earlier this month, the Hartwell City Council announced they had modified that agreement after careful review by the Council and the City attorney.

Hart County Commissioners say residents living around Hartwell Lakeside Resort are worried about being annexed into the City without their permission under the 60/40 rule, which states that if 60% of residents to be annexed, the remaining 40% have no say.

Under Hartwell’s latest annexation agreement offer, they raised that to 70/30, but Hart County Commissioners still said no at their regular meeting this week.

Hart County Commission Chair Joey Dorsey said the County residents have complained about the annexation.

Dorsey then motioned that the Board rejects the City’s latest offer and that was seconded by Commissioner Teasley.

During the discussion, Commissioner Ricky Carter said he didn’t like Hartwell’s latest annexation agreement proposal and suggested to the Board that it’s time for both groups to meet face to face.

After hearing from Carter the Commission voted unanimously to reject the latest annexation agreement.