Franklin County to Send Out RFP’s for Legal Services

Franklin County will be sending out Request for Proposals to area attorneys later this week.

At their meeting Monday evening, County Commission Chair Thomas Bridges said it’s good to get RFP’s in from other law practices from time to time.

County Manager Beth Thomas told the Board the last time the County sent out RFP’s for legal services was five years ago in 2015 for 2016.

At that time, the County received 12 RFP’s but ultimately the Board of Commissioners voted to renew current attorney Bubba Samuel’s contract.

Thomas said Monday she plans to send out the RFP letter Friday.

Thomas also recommended the Commissioners form a subcommittee made up of commissioners and department heads who need the services of the County attorney to review the RFP’s that come in.

Commissioners hope to make a decision on whether to change attorneys or keep Samuels by their December meeting.