Franklin County Students Head Back to Class Today

Today Marks the first day Back to School for Franklin County Students.

Superintendent Wayne Randell says Teachers and Staff have been preparing throughout the summer in anticipation of today…

“Like for everyone to know that we’ve been working very hard over the summertime, we’ve had lots of teachers come into our central office and they’ve been doing lots of planning, they’ve been doing lots of building new curriculum and filling holes to make sure we’re covering all the standards that Georgia expects our children to cover.”

Randell also reminds the public that with the start of school comes a bit more traffic…

“Please be aware the traffic patterns will change a little bit around here, there will be a higher traffic population.”

He says starting on a Friday helps with getting things organized.

You can listen in to this Sunday’s Community Forum for everything you need to know about the beginning of Franklin County’s school year.