Franklin County Passes Fiscal 2014 Budget


Franklin County has passed their fiscal 2014 budget.

The FY14 General Fund budget proposes $11.8 million in expenses and $11.7 million in anticipated revenue.

At last week’s work session, Franklin County’s Board of Commissioners heard the second and final reading of the budget from county manager Billy Morse.

“It is a balanced budget and no rate increases are proposed. No property tax increases are proposed. The enterprise funds are as follows: the E-911 budget is $761,174 , the water fund budget is $1, 297,103, the solid waste fund budget is $82,204. This is the second reading and final approval. The new fiscal year starts next Monday July 1st. “

After hearing the second reading of the Fiscal 14 budget, the board approved it unanimously.

Tonight, the board is expected to approve the fiscal 2014 tax digest.

Last week, they heard from Franklin County Tax Commissioner Bobby Martin.

Martin told the board this year’s tax digest is about the same as last year’s with no major increases or decreases.

He said a five-year history of the digest and millage rate must be advertised this week before the county can set their millage rate.

Martin suggested setting the millage rate on July 18th  – the same night as the Franklin County Board of Education will set their millage.