Franklin County Moves Ahead with Senior Tax Exemption Raise

In other news, Franklin county Tax Commissioner Bobby Martin said the Franklin County Industrial Building Authority has signed on to raising the senior property tax exemption.

At their December meeting, Martin asked the Board to double the senior exemption from $10-thousand dollars to $20-thousand dollars.

The Commission voted unanimously to approve the increase.

At their meeting Tuesday, Martin came before the Board of Commissioners with an update on his efforts to double the exemption for senior adults over the age of 65.

“I met with the IBA yesterday to raise the exemption and they voted to join this effort raise their exemption,” he told the Board. “As you know time is of the essence. This is an election year. I’ve  spoken to Elections Supervisor Gina (Kesler) and she said we could get this on the May ballot. It does need to move forward in the Legislature. It requires local legislation.  I’ve spoken to Representative Alan Powell and he assures me there won’t be any problem moving this legislation forward, but he does need the go ahead to get that moving.”

With the two approvals, the County Attorney will now draft a resolution to send to Representative Powell.