Franklin County BOE waiting for instructions from DOE before voting on Centegix system

At Tuesday’s Franklin County Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Wayne Randall told board members the school system was considering the purchase of the Centegix Crisis Alert System but was waiting for the state to release guidelines on exactly how the money can be spent.

As for the Centegix Crisis Alert System, we’re still waiting on the comm access to open up. I saw where Mr. Adams has actually contacted the financial division about going through that process to find out exactly what the money can and cannot be spent on. It looks like what we can’t spend money on is salaries. That’s what I have read. We did get an email that kind of laid out some stuff and one thing it said was you can do one-time expenditures but it cannot be for salaries. It can be for services but it cannot be for salaries. Paying RSO’s would not be an option, I don’t think. We can dig into that a little further but the way it was worded it didn’t seem like you could,” said Randall.

Randall then explained how the process would work in order to be approved for reimbursement of the expenditures.

You’ve got to go through the consolidated application. What that is, is you open up a state format at the DOE and they plug a data page that goes in there. What you have to do based on their guidance is you have to plug in what you want to purchase. And there’s a budget side. You plug in how much it’s going to cost. Then, you sign off on that as a school system and it gets submitted. Then their folks will go over it and say does it meet what we said you could do or does it not, and approve or reject and ask for a modification,” said Randall.

Board member JoBeth James then talked about current security at the high school. James said a news report on WLHR said Hart County had already approved the Centegix system.

I was just at the high school yesterday and I know we have the buzz-in, but we also have all the glass right there. I was like, is this bulletproof glass? And ‘no.’ Then I said, do you have some way to buzz and let everybody know if there’s a safety issue? That was a ‘no’ also. That’s what this (crisis alert system) does, correct? On a nametag. Everybody has it. Push a button, and my understanding is now they’re advising people to run and save themselves. So, buzz and run. If they can shoot through the glass, they’re just going to come on into the school so buzzing in is doing no good. Really. If it’s someone who is wanting to cause harm. Safety has to come before academics. It has to come first,” said James.

No action was taken on the system, and board members were told a plannng session would be needed to decide how to spend the grant funds.