Franklin County BOE Hires New Athletic Director

Clay Moore

Franklin County High School has a new Athletic Director.

At their called meeting last Thursday evening, the Board of Education voted to hire former Assistant Principal Clay Moore as the New Athletic Director and Contract Services Director.

Moore has been serving as the Acting Athletic Director since Jason Oliver retired in November.

“God gave me the opportunity to do this. I’ve been here my entire life. I went to school here, graduated from here and I’ve been a part of athletics in different areas of the school system my entire career. So, I’m fortunate for the opportunity to pick up the torch and keep moving forward,” said Moore after the meeting.

Moore is a graduate of Franklin County High School. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Emmanuel College and went on to obtain his Master’s degree from Liberty University as well as a Specialty degree from Piedmont College.

Moore said the number one priority for him is to hire a new football coach.

“We do have to hire a new football coach. Coach Martin resigned and that application pool is in the process now,” he said. “The deadline for applications is January 31. So that’s the first major step we have to make as a school system and I’m working alongside Miss Burton-Brown.”

Moore added that the search for a new football coach is a lengthy process and he said it’s important to find the right fit for the school and the students.

“The process is lengthy. The search takes a long time. We get applications from all over the place. But when it boils down to it we’ve got to do what’s best for our kids and our school system. There’s going to be a lot of work that goes into that as far as what that process looks like. Day one on the job will be a conversation with Miss Burton-Brown.”

Moore said he began going through the list of applications last Friday.