Fr. Co. Commission Chair Speaks to Proposed Quarry

County Commission Chair Dr. Jason Macomson issued a statement regarding Vulcan Materials and their purchase of property on Highway 59 in Lavonia.

On his Facebook page, Macomson said the County was aware earlier this year that Vulcan was interested in the property but he did not know until recently that they had actually closed on it in June.

While there have been no conditional use or zoning applications filed yet, he said Company officials had reached out to the Board of Commissioners and to the Planning and Zoning Director Scott DeLozier.

Macomson said Company officials asked to meet with him but he refused, pending Vulcan’s application process.

However, he said Vulcan did hold preliminary meetings with both County attorney Bubba Samuels and DeLozier over the summer. Macomson did not disclose what was discussed at those meetings.

In his statement, Macomson echoed some of the concerns already expressed by people living near the proposed quarry.

He noted the close proximity to Lavonia, which he said would have to be taken into consideration, as well as how a quarry would affect surrounding neighborhoods nearby.

And he indicated the County must also take into account the environmental concerns such an industry could have.

Macomson noted the property is prime industrial land and he said it has been the goal of both the county and the IBA to develop the property with industry that will positively impact the county, with industrial developments that provide quality local jobs and tax revenue.

The property is currently zoned Commercial Industrial.

Vulcan would have apply for and get approval for it to be rezoned Heavy Industrial.

Macomson said when the county zoned the property industrial a couple of years ago, at the request of Pacolet Milliken, it was with the understanding that Pacolet Milliken would help the county develop the land as a multi-use industrial park that would benefit the county and the City of Lavonia.

He said the IBA had been in negotiations with another company to buy the land when it was sold in June to Vulcan withouth either the IBA’s or County’s knowledge.

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