Fr. BOC Signs Moratorium on New Industry, Development Until End of June

An effort to temporarily stop any future applications for new industry in Franklin County came too late to stop Pilgrim’s Pride from coming back to the table but it will stop other industries for now.

At a called meeting Tuesday evening, the Franklin County Board of Commissioners approved a resolution that established a moratorium to prevent new industrial applications until the end of June.

Commission Chair Jason Macomson spoke on behalf of the Commission and read the moratorium resolution.

A copy of the resolution can be read here: 330, Moratorium on Conditional Use Permits for Large Industrial Uses – 04-07-2021

Before the vote, Macomson added that the resolution was needed so the Board and County Staff can worth with the Planning and Zoning Board to review the current zoning regulations.

“This resolution would impose a moratorium that would bar the acceptance of applications for conditional use permits for large industrial uses and this moratorium would be imposed immediately and be in effect through June 30, 2021,” he explained. “If adopted, the Board would work with the Franklin County Planning and Zoning Commission to consider revisions to the zoning regulations of Franklin County.”

After the reading of the moratorium resolution, the Board voted unanimously to accept it.  The moratorium went into effect immediately.

Because Pilgrim’s refiled their application for two rezoning requests and a conditional use permit Tuesday afternoon before the moratorium was passed, they may still go ahead with their application to build a $70-million dollar poultry rendering plant in Carnesville.