Floyd updates Hart BOE, parents on school security plans

Hart County Charter Schools Superintendent Jay Floyd addressed those gathered at the March meeting of the Hart County Board of Education concerning school safety and security.

Floyd covered this issue at the annual Eggs and Issues Breakfast a few weeks ago and was able to provide a few more details about the school system’s plans at Monday night’s meeting.

The process of updating the school’s safety and security procedures has already begun, and today parents will receive a letter from Floyd on just what is being done.

There’s this safety letter that will go home to parents tomorrow (today) with all of our students, so parents should be getting a letter from me through your student,” said Floyd.

Floyd then outlined what has already been done thus far.

As a district we have already reviewed our safety and security plans. We’ve met with an auditor from Pioneer RESA, which is our Regional Education Service Agency. That’s one of the services that they provide. They came and did an audit of our safety and security plans. David (Seagraves) and I received a lot of good ideas and suggestions because we are not the first school he has met with,” said Floyd.

School officials will next meet with local and state officials from GEMA (Georgia Emergency Management Authority) to receive even more information and suggestions.

Next, on Thursday we will meet with David Shanks from GEMA and Terrell Partain, who is our county Director of Emergency Management and Homeland Security. They will meet with David Seagraves and I am sure they have already compiled a checklist of things that we should be doing as far as safety and security,” said Floyd.

School officials will then meet with city and county law enforcement officials as well as members of the Georgia State Patrol to receive input and collaborate on safety and security within the schools.

Floyd said the ultimate goal behind all of the meetings is to develop a plan that is effective and realistic.

The goal in gathering all of this information is so that our school board can make a realistic and understandable decision on safety and security, what needs to be updated and what’s not. That takes a little bit of time, because usually in the heat of everything, when you have something which occurs the magnitude of what happened in Florida, sometimes you tend to overreact a little bit and it might not be realistic for you. What we’re trying to do is gain as much information as we can from the professionals. That way we can present this information to the school board that are realistic options for us to do in our schools,” said Floyd.

Floyd then talked about meeting with the school governance teams to gather additional input. Each school has a governance team consisting of staff member, faculty members, members of the business community and parents.

Our school governance teams are a very important part of this process. They will be collecting information from parents and business folks as we move forward in this process. We have a meeting on March 22, and we are going to do a needs assessment at that time and do a safety survey. Our goal is that we’re gathering as much information as we can,” said Floyd.

There are also plans to add a link to the school system’s website where parents can give input and express concerns, said Floyd.

Floyd said he would continue to update the information throughout the process.