Final Two School Discussion Groups Take Place This Week in Franklin County

There’s still time for parents and the general public in Franklin County to make their voice heard at one of the final two School Community Discussion Groups taking place this week.

School Superintendent Chris Forrer set up five public meetings, one at each school, to give parents and others the opportunity to meet with him and express their comments and concerns.

The third meeting takes place tonight at Royston Elementary School beginning at 7p.

As the new School Superintendent and a newcomer to Franklin County, Forrer said it’s important he understands what citizens in Franklin County want to see in their public school system in the future.

“Really what it comes down to is, ‘what is the future of Franklin County schools? What do we want our schools to look like in 2025?’ This is where the community has a chance to decide how we align our resources so our schools look like in 2025,” he explained. “Before we can figure out what we’re doing we have to figure out what the objective is. So, this is a chance for everybody to have their say about what they want the school system to look like.”

As with the previous meetings, tonight’s discussion will begin with refreshments and an overview of the evening objective, followed by people breaking into discussion groups where a facilitator will ask them specific questions.

Forrer said once that information is gathered a group will then sit down and begin working on a five-year strategic plan.

“So, what will happen is we will compile the results from all five schools and there’ll be an education summit of about 70 people. That will include a cross representation. We’ll have educators, business people, clergy and city and county governments. And then we will see what trends emerge and we will set those strategic priorities,” Forrer said.

A final public meeting will happen this Thursday, October 24th at the Franklin County Middle School.

Forrer said if you can’t make it to any one of the in-person meetings, you can still send in your ideas and comments by calling Brenda Tatum at 706-384-4554 x11330 and request the list of questions asked at the public meetings.