Few challengers for federal or state races

With qualifying ending last week for the May primaries, very few local seats had challenges in either Franklin or Hart counties.

In fact, of the nine seats available in the two counties combined, only two have more than one candidate qualified and both of those are in Franklin County and both of those for board of education seats.

For Post 3, Jeremy S. Madden and Randall Gailey have qualified to take that seat and for Post 5, Incumbent Robin Cato has qualified to retain her seat and Davie (David) Mayfield Sr is challenging.

Qualifying for state and federal seats was much the same, with only one of the four races seeing more than one qualifier.

In the U.S. House of Representatives, District 9, Incumbent Doug Collins is the sole Republican to qualify, however two Democrats will face off on May 22 to challenge Collins for the seat in November.

Josh McCall and David Cooper have both qualified as Democrats and will square off on the May 22 Democratis ballot.

With no challenges, Lee Anderson will retain his seat in District 24 of the State Senate, John Wilkinson will retain his seat in District 50 of the State Senate, and Alan Powell will retain his seat in the District 32 House of Representatives.