FC Sheriff Steve Thomas to seve on two NSA committees

National Sheriff Association President John R. Layton has selected Franklin County Sheriff Steve D Thomas to set on the following committees:

-The National Highway Traffic Safety committee. This committee is tasked to perpetuate traffic safety issues, facilitate safety programs implementation, provide technical assistance to the office of sheriff and other agencies, and offer general support to the office of sheriff and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) staff in developing traffic safety plans that target national traffic safety priority issues. The committee also promotes Traffic Safety Campaigns.

-Homeland Security Committee- The mission statement for the Homeland Security Committee states the committee will address various issues, including but not limited to border security, illegal immigration, domestic and foreign Homeland Security, and the treatment of mental illness in our nation’s jail.

Thomas accepted both appointments and considers it an honor to serve both the National Sheriff’s Association and the citizens of Franklin County.