Elderly Elberton Man Charged With Making Fake 911 Calls

You hear of children playing with the phone and calling 911, but you don’t expect it from a senior citizen.

But an 85-year old Elbert County man ended up in jail last week after allegedly making numerous fake calls to 911.

According to the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office, Elmer Ward Scarborough was charged with false report of a crime, request for ambulance service when not reasonably needed, and unlawful conduct during a 9-1-1 call.

It happened last Tuesday night, according to a report on Access North Georgia.

After Scarborough allegedly made five hang-up calls to the Elbert County 9-1-1 Center between 9:28 p.m. and 10:08 p.m. last Tuesday, Elbert County Sheriff’s Sgt. Darren Sartain went to Scarborough’s home.

There, Sartain said he saw Scarborough on the couch with the telephone, and that telephone rang when the 9-1-1 called it, but Scarborough would not answer. He also would not come to the door.

Right around 11p.m. Scarborough allegedly made another 911 call.   He told the dispatcher during that call that his wife was pregnant and needed an ambulance.

Shortly after that, Scarborough allegedly made several more 911 calls – hanging up each time.

And then at 11:30p Scarborough called Elbert County 911 again.  During that call, Scarborough allegedly told a deputy he had been assaulted and both of his legs were broken and his eye knocked out.

Scarborough was asked if he needed an ambulance, but he authorities say he refused because he said he didn’t have Medicare to pay for it, then he hung up.

Deputies then went back to Scarborough’s home and arrested him.  Scarborough was booked into the Elbert County Detention Center.