County hopes sewer line extension to I-85 will attract more businesses

In Part III of WLHR’s coverage of current Franklin County infrastructure projects, we now look at a project that took more than a decade to get started.

The county also has a major sewer project working which should be completed sometime later this year. The project runs sewer lines to the interstate with the hope the additional infrastructure will attract new businesses to the county’s interstate exits.

Franklin County County Manager Beth Thomas said the project has been something the county has wanted for some time now.

The sewer project, which is at least 12-15 years in the making, is currently underway. We started in 2018 with a contract date of August 2019 being ready, but we have been running way ahead of schedule since the start of the project, even with all the rain. The contractor has done a phenomenal job,” said Thomas.

While the project is now well underway, Thomas said the county did face a few challenges along the way.

What that project will do for us is allow us to open up acces to the interstate for sewer capabilities. It’s a project everybody’s been quite excited about. We utilized funds from USDA, from ARC, and although we faced challenges, after that many years the price goes up, we faced some challenges financially, we are very excited to get this up and going,” said Thomas.

The sewer project is just one infrastructure project now in the works. The county is also expanding the water system to handle the needs of the new GRP Power Plant.